Nanosecond Laser Chamber

The SMART Network is home to over 100 pieces of specialized equipment and tools that are open for groups and individuals to use after being trained by skilled members of our team. SMART Labs was created to make it easier to access the equipment and tools from the many facilities of the SMART Network by bringing everything together in one place. What makes the SMART Labs unique is the access to multidisciplinary tooling in the same facility. 

Some of the capabilities our equipment can provide are:

  • Wide spectrum of robotics ranging from surgical and tele-robotics to upper and lower extremity exoskeletons to the highly sophisticated artificial limbs

  • Immersive virtual reality cube and applications of extended reality

  • Highly specialized lasers for microfabrication and rapid prototyping of implantable and wearable medical devices including femtosecond, nanosecond and fiber lasers

  • Comprehensive biological testing unit with imaging capabilities ranging from light microscopes to fluorescence, confocal scanning electron and multi-photon microscopes, to 100% research whole-body magnetic resonance imaging magnets

  • Comprehensive micro- and nanofabrication capabilities with state-of-the-art microstructure vibrometry-based evaluation systems and 3D ultra-high resolution (sub micron) profilers.

  • ​​A wide variety of motion capture systems and the one-of-a-kind and only Gaze and Movement Assessment (GaMA) internationally recognized quantification assessment tool for hand-eye-coordination

We work with the users of our facility to provide them with a customized package of access and services that best meets their needs. The general user fees range from $5/hour to $50/hour, depending on the equipment used, duration of use and the level of support needed. More information about user fees can be accessed by visiting the User Fees button below. Please visit the knowledge base below to learn about accessing our equipment.

Here you will find a breakdown of user fees for equipment, laboratory access for SMART Network members, Academic and Industry users of the lab space.

LMACS is an acronym for Laboratory Management & Access Control System. When logged into the system you'll be able to make requests in the system such as; training on equipment, samples to be analyzed, report issues with equipment, book time on equipment and collaborate on projects. 

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User Fees

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The Knowledge Base contains all the information you will need about; the equipment and devices located in SMART Labs, information about the LMACS system including how to register, book training on equipment, our lab policies and procedures, and more.

Nano-second Laser Chamber

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