Led by faculty and senior trainees, our Skills Workshops will provide students with hands-on projects in lab spaces. Students will be assigned to small groups and will work collaboratively to plan and implement their
​project goal.

At the end of the workshop, a debrief session will involve the students presenting their challenges and successes of working in a group, areas of accomplishment and areas for self-improvement. Students will not only attain full competence at each skill, but will understand the importance and role of each skill set in collaborative projects, and will be able to identify areas of skill development for their personal learning strategy and independent training plan.

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Our Foundational Workshops will orient students to base topics that will be revisited and applied throughout training experiences. Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) training will cover core topics  and include exercises on incorporating EDI principles into projects, mentorship and outreach activities.

The debrief session at the end of the week will allow each student to share insights and reflections and to identify any additional personal learning goals.

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Our Knowledge Workshops will be led by an expert researcher in the area and blend interactive lectures and demonstrations. Students will be exposed to the breadth of knowledge and interdisciplinary integration required to successfully apply rehabilitation technology, and to stimulate interest for students in additional independent learning
projects or in seeking collaborators to augment their current projects.

The debrief session at the end of the week will use interactive group discussion, brainstorming of overlap across knowledge areas and summarizing of interdisciplinary project ideas that integrate Equity, Diversity and Inclusion 
​(EDI) principles.

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The SMART CREATE Program offers four new, immersive, full-time workshops. They will each be one week in duration and  of one week each will be interspersed in the first year of the student’s acceptance. Students will complete their training in an interdisciplinary cohort to learn cooperative team skills. They will be engaged as workshop assistants in subsequent years. Each workshop will include a half day debrief session at the end of the week for students to share their experiences, provide feedback and revise their personal learning path based on what they learned during the week.

Guided by industry leaders, our Entrepreneurship Workshops are industry-informed and exposes trainees to the essential knowledge and skills necessary for career success. Topics include economics, policy, consumer behaviour, pitching technology ideas and translating devices to the market.

The last day of the week will include a trade show with presentations from industry partners, plus student presentations of their 30-second and 3-minute idea pitches for feedback. Students will also be involved in leadership roles in organizing the trade show.

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