Rehabilitation Innovations

The Katz Group Centre and the Edmonton Clinical Health Academy are home to the main cores of the SMART Network. But many of its members day to day research activities happen outside of these main cores and are shown in orange on the map. With collaborations and researchers from areas such as Biology, Neuroscience, Computing Science, Engineering, Rehabilitation, Surgery, Critical Care and Nursing. The SMART Network is home to one of the largest and diverse collaboration groups in the country. 

The SMART Network is a state-of-the-art center for researchers from engineering, medicine, rehabilitation, computer science, neuroscience, and social sciences who have come together to generate knowledge related to neural injuries and diseases, and to translate that knowledge into intelligent medical devices and innovative rehabilitation interventions. 

Located in the North Campus of the University of Alberta, the SMART Network spans its 4 cores across 9 different buildings. The 4 cores that make up the SMART Network are:

Device Development & 

Biological Testing

Robotics and Virtual Reality

Evaluate and provide

guidance for revisions of

neural interface systems and

rehabilitation training approaches.

It will also expand the delivery of health care to remote locations by E-health.

Develops smart wearable and

implantable neural interfaces and conducts biological testing and clinic trials.

Improving the function and

acceptability of advanced prosthetic/

assistive robotic systems. Their unique combination

of medical, rehabilitation, engineering, and

machine learning expertise facilitates the exploration of multiple complimentary solutions for enhancing human-machine interfaces and reducing the cognitive burden of controlling an artificial limb. 

Sensorimotor Integration

and Machine Learning

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Generating crucial basic

knowledge of the central nervous

system and effective rehabilitation

interventions and translating them to the clinical realm.