1. Standardized evaluation systems (electrochemical, mechanical and biological) for implants Wearable and implantable electrical stimulation systems

2. Neural recording systems, EMG measurement, force plates, data acquisition, sensors and controller and data processing.

3. Exercise ergometry, exoskeletons for arms and legs

4. Programming and data analysis, electrode array fabrication and recording biological signals.

5. CNC machining (3D subtraction) with 2.5 micrometer feature size

6. 3D laser subtraction (with 1 micrometer feature size)

7. Designing and prototyping robotic systems - mechanical design, 3D printing, control systems and integration of sensors and actuators with data acquisition systems and controllers.

8. Robotic assessments of spine mechanics

9. Robotics; custom robotic systems and machine learning

10. Development of standardized outcome measures for functional assessments

11. Electronics design, microprocessor system design, PCB design, sensor design and fabrication, desktop and microcontroller programming.

12. Image processing, single processing, web development, app development, controller and sensor design/use.

13. Eye tracking and 3D motion tracking systems.

14. Head and neck biomechanical assessments

15. Trunk Biomechanics, spine kinematics, and kinetics, inertial sensors and signal processing, motion capture and gait analysis

16. Full-emersion virtual reality

17. Holographic projection, virtual anatomy and surgery systems

18. Solid modelling, prototyping, simple programming, documentation and communication

19. Reinforcement learning to the control of prosthetic devices, extensive experience in software development experience with electronics and robotics and ROS

20. Programming skills in Python, MATLAB, C, C++, C#, SQL, javascript, HTML, CSS, website development, microcomputers/microcontrollers

21. LabVIEW, Surface EMG, Motion capture, Trunk biomechanics, system identification techniques, and office composting

22. Culturing and manipulation of microglia and support glia of the brain searching for peptide molecules that may be capable of attaching to and affecting the outcome of inflammatory cells in the central nervous system.

23. 2D and 3D cell cultures

24. Multiphoton imaging of live cells, confocal imaging, fluorescence imaging

25. Protein identification, tissue sectioning, histology and immunohistochemistry

26. Small and large animals models of health and disease, specialized animal surgery techniques

27. Specialized training paradigms in animals and humans

28. Full spectrum pre-clinical regulatory testing under GLP