Rehabilitation Innovation Core

Dr. Vivian Mushahwar

Dr. Mushahwar is a professor in the Department of Medicine, Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (University of Alberta).  Trained in biomedical engineering, rehabilitation science and neuroscience, she combines these fields to develop innovative solutions to neural injuries or diseased.  Her work focuses on developing intelligent wearable and implantable neural prostheses that restore mobility and prevent secondary complications. She also focuses on developing creative rehabilitation interventions that are both efficacious and cost-saving. She pioneered the development of micro-implants for stimulating the spinal cord to restore standing and walking after paralysis. She is the inventor of Smart-e-Pants and TheSock (smart wearable garments) for preventing pressure ulcers and deep vein thrombosis, respectively. She has co-founded three startup companies and collaborates with investigators from a wide range of disciplines and sectors.