Other SMART Network Members

Dr. Chester Ho

Dr. Ho has a special clinical and research interest in pressure ulcers (PU), a prevalent, complicated, expensive and potentially fatal complication following SCI. His long-term collaboration with Dr. Kath Bogie at the Cleveland FES Center includes the study of the use of various modalities, including functional electrical stimulation, for the prevention and treatment of PU. Dr. Ho has become a member of the Alberta Innovates Health Solutions Interdisciplinary Team for Smart Neural Prostheses, a collaborative team grant between the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary, with a specific focus on the PU program. The team has already been successful with the technical design and feasibility testing of the "Smart-e-Pants", an undergarment that uses surface electrical stimulation for the prevention of PU. The future plan is to take this to clinical trial and if successful, to implement this device for clinical practice.